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I have been involved in cooking ever since I was a little boy. As a youngster, I used to sit on the counter and watch my mom cook. All the different products: heat, smoke and, most of all, the aromas and flavors fascinated me. As a teenager, I started working in restaurants. I landed my first job as a dishwasher at Chef Richard's Metastasis. Chef Richard Vareschi was just my boss at that time. Little did I know that he would be my life-long mentor, friend and colleague. Now passed, Richard was a well-known chef in the area. He owned and operated many different types of establishments in the food service industry, from the 88 long ago and Metamorphosis, Chef Richard's Metastasis, and Richard's Bistro of Manchester, New Hampshire. I worked for Richard for a few years and began working on the line a little. As I got older, I was involved in many sports and had to leave Richard due to lack of time. After a while, I needed a job again, so I landed a job in a well-known Italian restaurant in the area, Pattavina's. At Pattavina's, I learned all aspects of line cooking and Italian food. The owners Brett and Lise Labranche taught me a great deal.

Chef Michael Ouellette

Next, it was time for college. I chose New Hampshire College, now known as Southern New Hampshire University. I attended the Culinary Institute for a two-year program. I chose a small school so I would receive more hands-on and one-on-one instruction. While attending the Institute, I received a job working in the Purchasing Department of the Culinary Institute, where I learned all aspects of ordering, shipping, receiving and requisition filing. I was also in charge of setting up the kitchens in the mornings for the classes that day. At the end of my first year, I was chosen to intern at the Grand Floridian Hotel in Walt Disney World Resorts in Orlando, Florida. I interned for three months and learned a great deal from the many well-renowned chefs I worked alongside. Along with all I learned that summer, I had double the fun. Upon returning to school that fall, there was talk about an international cooking competition in Avaness, France. What an opportunity, I thought! So I went as part of the U.S. team to France. I was selected to go overseas and compete in a friendly collegiate international cooking competition. Besides the language barrier, I took in more information and knowledge of food in a two-week period than I had my whole 19 years preceding. The competition was during the end of the first week and although I did not medal in the top three, I finished just under at 4th place. After the competition, I got to see the northern section of France, and wine and dine in some of the most elaborate restaurants and wineries. I was treated like a king. Back to school it was when the competition was over. A few months later, it was time to graduate. I graduated with honors and at the top of my class.

After school, it was time to work in the real world. As Richard Vareschi of Chef Richards caught wind of me graduating, he called me and said why don't you come back to work for me? So back to work for Richard it was. I was his Sous Chef for a few years and learned a lot from working with Richard. Richard then began talking about another restaurant: a bigger, better, more elegant restaurant in Manchester, New Hampshire. So a few short months later it was off to Richard's Bistro in Manchester, New Hampshire. Now I was the Executive Chef at Richard's Bistro at age 22. I had a lot of experience for someone of that age. For three more years, I would work hand in hand with Richard learning and accomplishing many goals. At that point, I was at the top of my game and had to prove to myself that I had it as a chef and restaurateur. I found a small restaurant that was available in my hometown of Salem, New Hampshire. Although I had no idea what type of establishment I was going to operate, I signed on the dotted line. Three months later, I opened Michael's Kitchen, a small family-style restaurant with an extensive take-out menu. All of the products on the menu were made by myself. I worked from five in the morning until nine at night: a mere 100 hours per week. As two years went by and I had lived my dream of successful restaurant ownership, my wife Tamra Ouellette was pregnant with our first child. It was time to live my other dream of life, which was having a family. I had successfully operated a restaurant for two years and proved to myself that I could do it. The first years of the restaurant business are the toughest and I made it. So I listed my restaurant for sale and on day one someone inquired and followed through with the purchase of my restaurant. Although I was sad to see my first restaurant go, there was nothing I wanted more than to be with my new family.

I had to find something in the culinary industry that would allow me time to be home with my family. I landed a job as a Culinary Instructor at the Collaborative Alternative School in Methuen, Massachusetts. What a job in the culinary field: 8-4 Monday through Friday, unheard of for someone in the restaurant field. Now I would be able to enjoy culinary arts and still have time to be with my family. As an entrepreneur, I needed a little more to do with myself so I started a small business as a personal chef. I would prepare people's dinners and leave them in the refrigerator -- all they had to do is reheat them. As a few years went by and the teaching was beginning to get boring to me, I needed more. My personal chef service was going good and there were a lot of calls from my customers for catering. So I got the idea that I would put a commercial kitchen in my home and run a business right from my house. Well it was not as easy as I thought. It took a lot of effort and lots of paperwork to finally get the OK to do it. A few months later I was in the business. The best of both worlds: I could operate my personal Chef Service and Catering Company right from my home while enjoying time with my family. Now I have tons of time to enjoy with my family and have the feeling of operating a successful hospitality operation. With plenty of time on my hands, I got an idea to write my first cookbook. So I researched it and put a little time into writing it. Today, I have a storefront located at 8 Stiles Road, Salem, NH and a thriving catering company known as A Chef to Call Your Own.

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Come by Michaels Market for a healthy, quick alternative to fast food.

I picked up my free meal tonight and chose the baked stuffed haddock and also bought a chicken, ziti and broccoli. Both dinners were delicious. The whole family enjoyed it and we will definitely be back to try more.

We LOVE Michael's Market @ Corfin Industries!!!! They ROCK!!!! We love everything you guys make. It's all good and sometimes, I have to order two meals because I can't decide, and then eat the leftovers for supper. What a wonderful dilemma!!

Michael's Market has never told me no...EVER! I am a local DJ and had a wedding in hurricane. Everyone backed out from the florist to the function hall. I called Michael at home and he delivered food for 100 people with 3 hours notice. The bride was blown away. She could not believe that he not only pulled it off but that everyone loved the food!


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